Warhel :: Cho Ramaswamy is no more

Cho Ramaswamy is no more

Updated on: 07-Dec-2016
Actor and Friend of Rajinikanth, Ex-Rajya Sabha MP Cho.Ramaswamy passed away today at around 4 am in Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. He was 82. He was also said to be political adviser to Late.CM J.Jayalalitha.

Cho Ramaswamy is no more

Cho had multiple personalities like Actor, Director, Noted Advocate, Editor.

He predicted much before about the verdict of Late. Jayalalitha's Disproportionate Asset case, in which she acquitted.

He never hesitated to criticise on any political party and leader. One side, he was political adviser to jayalalitha and on other, he criticised Late. Jayalalitha's political activities.

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