Warhel :: Has modi did right thing?

Has modi did right thing?

Updated on: 19-Nov-2016
This subject has been long debated on all social media networks for last 10 days.

This post on Facebook and other social media networks which is getting lot of likes, shares and positive comments for Mr.Modi. Has modi did right thing?

But all these are only on social media websites and based on these 80% of people have voted for Modi but a common man who is not on Whatsapp or Facebook is the one who has to search and wait in long queues in front of banks and ATMs to withdraw his own hard earned cash for his daily bread and butter. They are not used to it so it is definitely difficult for them. It's our duty to educate them about digitizing their transactions.

Poster Boy of Kashmiri terrorists, Burhan Wani was shot on July 8th 2016 in J&K and all schools were closed since then. People in J&K were furious that they showed their anger by pelting stones on state government and Defence vehicles. In the last four months more than 32 schools had been burnt.

Modi said scrapping old 500 and 1000 notes were to prevent terrorism, corruption and hoarding black money.

After Nov 8th 2016 (i.e., after Modi announcement of demonetization) the stone pelts are stopped. Even though a total shutdown was called by separatists more than 98% of children appeared in public exams. They and their parents were appreciated by the state and centre.

Terrorism is reduced and will certainly soon stop. The reduction and prevention of other two problems are in our hands.

We don't have to do social service, we just need to educate common men (sellers) to get card swiping machines and get paid by card.

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